Hans-Jochen Starke (Reijnstar)
born in 1943 in the today's Poland

By the friendship of many years to a painter and a material designer I came as 19 year old boy to painting. The relations of my friend with the world of art gave me the possibility of painting and of issuing at many places, among other things also in Paris on the Montmartre. My pictures hang in many European cities, in a prince and a king house and also by collecting tanks were arisen.

On recommendation of Mrs. Sara Kishon (Sara Kishon Gallery in Tel Aviv), wife of the famous writer and Oskar Winner Ephraim Kishon, I was invited in the 70's on all special art exhibitions. She meant, I would be a large talent and should much learn by looking at in addition - and she had quite thereby.

Since I am today my own critic, describe I mean works as follows:

Time lots art painted in perfect beauty - exclusively with oilcolours. On plastic plates, porcelain, tiles, photo paper, canvas, glassbottles etc.. For further reaching of the special quality of my works of art high-sensitive Hightech procedures are in the use. Thus the colors receive a tremendous brilliance, fire and a luminosity.

I am the conviction that technology, mark underground and the further artistic processing of my works on the world market of the beautiful arts something special, unique and new are.

One must learn only to look beauty. Often one does not understand it first, or one runs by it, because she is in the shape of the stranger on the way.

Beauty can be liberating, or better:
It can obtain a feeling of liberty, as Schiller already knew before 200 years.

Hans-Jochen Starke (Reijnstar)